Policy Research Intern - Livermore

Policy Research Intern — Livermore

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i-GATE Innovation Hub
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Organization: The i-GATE Innovation Hub is a municipally-driven innovation hub designated by the state of California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development. Having earned multiple awards and recognitions at the national level, the municipally-driven hub boasts an intensely synergistic network of city governments, national laboratories, universities, research institutions, venture & angel investors, multi-national corporations, business service providers, and governmental agencies on the city, county, state, and national levels. Through integrating key actors across a robust network of stakeholders, i-GATE develops and strengthens the innovation ecosystem in the East Bay.

Segment: The Policy Research Institute of i-GATE is responsible for conducting research with regard to economic development, commercialization, and innovation. At the heart of these three distinct academic disciplines lies the opportunity for a new area of economic research: innovation policy. I-GATE plans to be a thought leader for local innovation policy, publishing academic journal articles, white papers, opinion columns, and even books on the impact that local policy directives have upon innovation.

Description: The Policy Research Intern will report to the Senior Policy Fellow at i-GATE. The length of tenure is flexible, though a minimum of 6 weeks is expected at 10 hours per week. The internship is unpaid, though there is a possibility for a stipend upon completion of the internship, depending on available funds. The intern will be involved in performing rudimentary to complex research tasks in support of larger research projects, which includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Accessing research databases to acquire requested journal articles
  • Drafting literature reviews and historiographies in designated research areas
  • Collecting data and inserting data in to analytical software
  • Performing broad internet searches and compiling results in succinct lists
  • Summarizing methodology and conclusions for assigned research articles
  • Utilizing internet search engines to acquire primary sources
  • Entering data into Excel or Powerpoint
  • Transcribing verbally recorded notes into Word

Ideal Candidate: should be a hard-working self-starter who can think critically and perform tasks as assigned. Deadlines are important, but if you miss them for a good reason (like to deliver an even more stellar product) then the deadline is moot. The intern should have taken some political science courses or economics courses or business courses, but that is not required. She or he should be interested and/or passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, business, economic development, local government, city government, science policy, and/or technology.

  • Livermore, California, United States
  • 7693 Longard Road Livermore, CA 94551
  • 9255833905
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